THe Gospel of jesus

We believe the God of the Bible is the only true, living God. The Bible says that He is our Creator and Sustainer, and that because of His amazing wisdom, power, love and holiness He deserves our worship and obedience. We owe Him all of our hearts' devotion--in fact, we owe Him our lives.

The tragic fact is that we've all either disregarded our Creator or tried to relate to Him on our own terms rather than His. We've offended Him by our self-centeredness in our thoughts and actions, and as a result we've been alienated from God. Our uncertainty and confusion about God is just a symptom of our deeper problem. Religious and cultural efforts to redefine, excuse or disregard the reality of our sin only push us further from the cure. Ultimately, we will exist in eternity separated from any of God's goodness and blessing. Hell is the very real consequence of our self-centered and misguided ways.

There is no human path for us to undo or cover over the offenses of our sin, but God has provided what we need by sending His Son into the world. Jesus Christ left heaven to fulfill on earth all of our obligations toward God. Not only did He perfectly satisfy every aspect of God's righteous commandments, He even satisfied His Father's anger against the rebellion of sinful people. When Jesus died on the cross, His blood paid the penalty for sin so that those who believe are truly justified in God's sight regardless of their own sins. Through faith, God freely gives His own people an accepted standing before Him. Now those who have received God's pardon through Jesus live to joyfully worship and serve Him forever. And so, as if God were making His plea through us, we urge you on behalf of Christ--be reconciled to God!

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